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How to Make A Simple Photo Frame in Photoshop CS3 as if Arising

This time I wanna teach you how to make simple effects using photoshop cs3 that make photo frames as if to appear. Now we start first by opening the file you want to edit. You can take the example image below

Give a distance of space between images with layer so we can freely arrange them. We can shrink the image, or widen the screen.

If you already did , click "add layer style" ( F7 ) and then click "Stroke"..

Set  size = 11px, position=inside, and color = white.

Now create a new shape object as shown below,

Give a gray color, do I click double layer then change their colour. If it is changed, the sliding layer to the down position as picture below

Set the blur effect  by means of click on the toolbar, blur-Gaussian blur like the following

Activate free stransform (CTRL + T) and then rotate the object as shown below, copy object (CTRL + D) is as much as we want and then put in each corner of the frame.

Please developed as you wish , this is the result of manner above where already i add some object addition .

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